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Intresting Whatsapp Hidden Hacks That You Must Know | Explained Whatsapp Tricks

Whatsapp Hidden Tips and Tricks That You Are Unaware

Whatsapp is a fast messaging social media app by which you can connect to your Family members and Friends. You can make Voice Calls, Video Calls, Share Status, Chat with near and dear ones, and much more. Being a Whatsapp User for a long time some of us don’t know the hidden tips and tricks of the Whatsapp. So here I am going to introduce you to Interesting Whatsapp Hidden Hacks that You Must Know | Explained Whatsapp Tricks.

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Listen to Whatapp Voice Message Before Sending it

While using Whatsapp or doing chat with anyone, sometimes, we need to send the voice message. We record the voice message and when we leave the voice recording button the voice message directly does to another person.

voice message record pause

The Whatsapp does not allow us to listen to the preview of the voice message before sending it. This is a very big problem that all of us face. This trick or hack is for that situation only.

We feel embarrassed if the voice message is not appropriate or something is wrong in it. If we delete the voice message immediately then also it shows the message was deleted to the other person, so, it does not look good. So, this is the very Interesting hack for that.


Record a voice message and then slide up your fingers towards the lock button and do any of the one steps given below:

  1. Listen to any of the other recordings of that chat
  2. View any video or image on that chat
  3. Go to forward or send a message from that chat and come back
  4. Cancel the chat section or change it
  5. Close WhatsApp and again open the WhatsApp but don’t remove the WhatsApp from recent apps.

When you will do any of the above steps and will come back to the same chat then will notice that you will be able to listen to the voice message of that chat before sending it.


Find how much you have interacted to any person up to the present

If you want to know how much you have interacted with any person up to the present? or how much did you spend time with any person? The text messages, Voice Messages, Pictures, Videos, etc. then just follow this. This feature is just hidden in your Whatsapp settings the only you need is to find that.

interection with anyone

To Find that just follow the below:
Open your Whatsapp > Then go to settings > Then Go to the data and storage usage > Click on storage usage

Now you will see your WhatsApp contacts and groups in the descending order. To whom you have interacted more it will be shown on the top and others in the decreasing order.

Now tap on the particular group or the chat of which you want to know the interacting status.

This feature is to see the storage usage for a particular chat and to free up your space and the information I have provided to you above.


View Someone’s Whatsapp Status or Anyone Message Without Letting Them Know

If you want to see your Boyfriend or Girlfriend’s WhatsApp status without letting them know then, I will provide you the 2 simple steps by which you can see anyone WhatsApp status without showing your contact in their Whatsapp Status Seen List.

The first step is provided by the Whatsapp itself and the other feature is the trick or hack by which you can do this thing.

1. The read receipts trick: Go to the WhatsApp settings > click on the Account > tap on Privacy > Scroll to the read receipt option > turn it off

If this is turned off then no one will be able to check whether you have checked their status or not. If it is on then everyone will be able to check if you have seen their status or not.

This feature can also be used to check the messages from any chat but on their chat, it will not show the blue tick, so, it means that you have not checked their message, they will think like this.

Note: If you are using this feature then you have to know that you will also not be able to check the seen list on your WhatsApp status or the messages that you have to send to any chat then you will not able to see the blue tick even if they have checked the message.

read receipts on                     read receipts off

2. File Manager Trick:- You have noticed that if your phone storage is not sufficient you are not able to see anyone’s WhatsApp status and if you turned off your mobile data then you are able to see some images of some of your contacts status.

This is possible because they are pre-downloaded in your file manager. So, if you will check the pre-downloaded things from the file manager then the person whose status you have checked he/she will not be able to check whether you have checked their status or not. Your contact will not show in their WhatsApp status seen list. You can do that by the following method:

First of all, open the WhatsApp status section for a long time so that the things pre-download > now open file manager on your phone go to the storage option >click on WhatsApp folder > then go to media > and finally navigate to the status folder.



Thanks, Guys, for reading this post up till the end I hope you have enjoyed this post of Interesting Whatsapp Hidden Hacks and the tricks that I have provided to you.

Guys, I have tried my level best to explain the full concept in detail then also, if you have any doubt in any of the concepts above then you are most welcome to the comment box below to ask your doubt. I will clear your doubt in only 3-4 hours.


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