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How To Approve Google Adsense | Now Never Get Rejected

Tips and Tricks of How To Approve Google Adsense?

Want to get the approval of Google Adsense on your website. But, getting rejected again and again for that. Then don’t worry. In this post, I have shared some tips and tricks on How To Approve Google Adsense on your website.

It is my duty to provide you the quality content. That is why I am back with a new post with a lot and research and hard work.

I am sure if you are reading this full article then you will get Google Adsense Approval 1000% on your website and you will be never searching again on the Internet about How To Approve Google Adsense on your website.

As I have already told you that I will provide Tips and Tricks of How To Approve Google Adsense? So, without any more time waste let’s get started.

The following Tips and Tricks will help you all to solve the query of How To Approve Google Adsense?


If you have made a new website or blog and the Google Adsense id rejecting your website or blog. Then I have given you some Tips and Tricks of How To Approve Google Adsense?

It will help you to get the Google Adsense Approval 1000% on your website or Blog. If you are reading the full post carefully and implementing it then your application of Google Adsense will never get rejected.

It is not very easy to get the Google Adsense Approval on any website or Blog. But, if the applications of most of the peoples are getting rejected because they did not read the Adsense Program Policies and Terms & Conditions. 

If you will read the full Adsense Program Policies and Terms & Conditions then you will not face any problem in getting Google Adsense Approval.

  • Content Guidelines:- You should know about the Adsense Content Policy.
  • If you are writing posts on adult, mature, copyright content, hateful content, or any type of violence content then the Adsense will never approve your website.

How To Approve Google Adsense in 2021?

We have already told you how to make Google Adsense Account? But, in this post, I am telling you some tips and tricks for getting Google AdSense approval on your website or blog in 2020 and after that also.

1. Website Design

First of all, you have to set a simple, attractive, fast, and a beautiful theme on your website or blog. Because the theme is the first impression on the user. Best Blogger Template For Adsense Approval | SEO Friendly Light Templates

And we know the First impression is the last impression. Like that only Google also check firstly the style of the website or blog.

Also, make sure to use a responsive mobile-friendly theme, because nowadays most of the users are smartphone users. And 80% of the user’s traffic is from mobile-only.

2. Use Custom Domain Name

I have seen on many of the websites that they are using the free domain like .ml, .tk, etc. But, Google Adsense will never give approval on the free domains.

Custom Domain Name like

Custom Domain Name

You have to buy a top-level domain like .com, .in, etc. so that, no problem will come regarding domain further in the Google Adsense Approval.

Also, Make sure that your domain is 1 month old before sending the request for Google Adsense Approval.

3. Write High-Quality Content

We all know that content is the king. If you are confused about what is High-Quality Content?

Then my friend doesn’t worry. Your this friend(Gurkirat Gavi) is here to tell you. High-Quality content is the content that you are writing and it is regarded as high-quality content if it is unique means that it is not copied content.

Plagiarised Content

Your Content should not be copyright or Plagiarised like in the above image.

You have to write your content in the small paragraphs and use the headings to make it more understanding for the user.

You have to write your own content so that, users get the benefit of that content if they are reading and spending their precious time reading. Write content like that after reading the content they don’t think that this is of no use.

4. Create Important Pages

With the recent Google Core updates, Google has made it necessary for every website or blog to create Important Pages like Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Contact Page, etc. 

Important Pages

Without these of the important pages, anybody will not get the Google Adsense Approval. That is why make sure that you have created the important pages before sending Google Adsense Approval request of your website or Blog.

5. Submit Your Website to Google

We share the reviews of the websites that are rejected due to that they are not added to the Google Webmaster. Before sending your Website or Blog for the Approval of Google Adsense you have to verify your website or blog in the Google Search Console.

Submit Website In Google Search Console

Some Extra Tips About How To Approve Google Adsense

Some more important tips for getting Google Adsense Approval on Website or Blog are that you have to create a High-Quality content, Make your website or blog user friendly, Make your Website or Blog Mobile friendly.

There should not be any other company ads on your website or blog after you are sending your website or blog for approval of Google Adsense.

You also have to keep a look at your website Categories, Footer, Menu, and Header.

Final Words

At last I wan to say this only that if you have read this full article carefully and implementing these tips and tricks about How To Approve Google Adsense on your website or blog then you will surely get Google Adsense Approval.

And if you have any related queries about this topic or any other problem in anything then all are welcome to the comment box below to leave your precious comments.

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