I Teach Peoples About Blogging, SEO, SMM, Digital Marketing, etc. and Provide Tips & Tricks to Generate A Passive Income.

Hello Guys,

My name is Gurkirat Gavi, the founder of Gurkirat Gavi Blog.

I am a student in the 10th standard, and I am a blogger by profession.

I have been doing blogging since 2016, but it was not on my blog. It was on the blog of my brother who supports me very much.

So, you can understand that how much experience I have about blogging, SEO, SMM, etc.

I am interested in sharing my knowledge and ideas with all the peoples around the world.

Gurkirat Gavi Blog will be an operating system for blogging.

If you fail anywhere the blogging or any other online field, then I am here to help you until you are fine to tie up with me.

I know you all are curious about my birthplace then I am coming form Jalalabad-West, Punjab (India).

Let’s firstly discuss who I am? And Why you should follow Gurkirat Gavi Blog and me.

Who am I?

Since I have first had given a short description of me, but once again, I will tell you about me.

I am Gurkirat Gavi. I am a student and studying in the 10th standard. My birthplace is in Jalalabad-West, Punjab (India). But I belonged to a small village.

I had an interest in sharing my ideas and knowledge with the full world. That is why I have created this blog on my name so that I can help the people right to the point of their queries or questions.

My parents also support me a lot in my interests. They also not said any work when I am doing my task of writing a blog post.

I know all the peoples are searching for their questions, but they are not getting the right answers. I will not waste your time and will give you the answers to your questions right to your point.

My power was not up to here to start a blog and buy hosting, domain, etc. but, my brother has helped me a lot to do all this.

I was not able to do anything without my brother’s constant. I will say only this that what I am? It is only because of my brother.

He is from Jaipur, Rajasthan (India). I will not reveal his identity. Since we are from different religions but, he is still like my real brother from another mother.

I have worked on my brother’s blog and websites. He taught me everything about blogging and everything that I know about all today.

Something Very Good About My Brother?

I will tell you something that I liked very much in my brother’s nature.

The thing that I liked is he used to attend my call and help me even if he is very busy.

He taught me everything, even if he is very busy. He told me not to lose hope and try again and again. He used angry on me if I am making the same mistake again and again.

But, if he will not get angry with me, I know I will not be able to improve my mistakes. He used to pick up my call even when he is sleeping at night and listen to my problems and solve them on the spot.

At last, I want to say:

Thank You very much for my parents, who support me in my passion and secondly. Thank my brother for everything that you have done for me.

Gurkirat Gavi Blog Is My Dream To Turn the Dreams Into The Value Streams

Blogging is not only writing and sharing the content.

But, it is the sharing of experiences and ideas after listening, learning, practicing, backgrounds, and at last sharing.

I have started this blog to own my name in the full world and also to teach you all and to turn your dreams in reality.

Blogging is a game of passion and practice after learning the right strategies.

I have started this blog to teach you all about blogging, SEO, SMM, Digital Marketing, etc.

From my experiences, I have reliable data to tell you what is right? And what is wrong?

If it does not work, then what is the next strategy to use and implement that.

If you are agreed to my experience, words, and commitment.

Then, I Gurkirat Gavi, the founder of Gurkirat Gavi Blog, welcomes you to my blogging family.

Your New Friend,

Gurkirat Gavi

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